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  • KeyMagnet is designed for those who want to give elegance, functionality and a touch of personalized design to their keys, but without revolutionizing them.

    Our "KeyMagnet" kit makes your keys more organized and silent, eliminating their annoying noise.
    According to your personal style, you can chose between 3 shapes and 3 colors (Disc, Heart, Flower | Silver, Black, Gold).
    Our "KeyRing" is also included in the "KeyMagnet" kit. It is designed to facilitate the insertion of keys, without breaking the nails.


    The kit includes:

    • a set of 4 peel & stick magnets able to keep your keys together and more organized. 
    • our special ring "KeyRing"

    The choice of the quality of the materials is very important to us. The magnets are 1mm thick and 1cm wide at most, so they can fit any key. They are strong enough to hold the keys together. The adhesive was tested between different types and passed the tests in the laboratory. Thanks to its chemical composition it is able to stick to the key, without ever coming off.


    Please note that you can choose only one form and one color for each kit. Our advice is to take 2 kits to get two choices, taking advantage of the discount.
    The "KeyRing" will be the same color you chose for the magnets